Kingtronics passive components full Range Catalog

Kingtronics newly compiled passive components full Range Catalog, including our HOT best seller product with excellent quality and price.

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Kingtronics passive components full Range Catalog :
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☆Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor—GKT:
Polymer Solid type, Radial Type, SMD Type, Axial Type, Snap-in, Lug and Screw Type

☆Super capacitor—DKT:
Coin-type, Radial type, Snap-in and Screw Type, Combined Type (Double Layer)

☆Film capacitor—FKT:
Box Type Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor, Polypropylene Film Capacitor, X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

☆SMD 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor–KKT

☆Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
MKT-Radial Type,
AKT -Axial Type,
LKT -SMD Type Low Voltage
HKT -SMD Type High Voltage
BKT -SMD Type High Q Low ESR RF

☆Tantalum Capacitors

TKT -Radial Type



PKT -SMD Type Solid Polymer

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