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Kingtronics’ Diode & Bridge Rectifier Application

below 6 application of Kingtronics’ Diode & Bridge Rectifier, they can be used in its manufacturing.
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Monthly output: 90kkpcs per value

1》Lighting :
M7, 1N5819, 1N4007, DB3, 1N4007S, FR107, BA159, ABS10, MBL10S, ES1J, G1M, GS1M, DB107S, DB157S, DB207S

2》Power Management:
KBU410, KBU610, KBU810, KBU1010, KBU1510, KBU2510, D2UB100, D3UB100, GBU410, GBU610, GBU810, GBU1510, GBU2510, KBJ410, GBJ610, KBPC2510

3》Consumer Electronic Products:
SR560, HER207, 1N5406, GBJ1010, KBJ410, FR307, GBJ1510, HER107, FR207, SR5100, FR107, KBJ610

4》Computer :
KBP210, KBP310, D2UB100, D3UB100, D4UB100, GBU410GBU610

5》Commercial Unit:
MB10S, SS12, SS14, SS16, LL4148, P6KE400A/P6KE400CA, M7, SMBJ400A/SMBJ400CA

6》Industrial Communication Device:
GBJ210, KBJ410, GBJ1010, GBJ2010, GBJ2510

Kingtronics' Diode & Bridge Rectifier Application

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