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Kt Kingtronics Your Better Option of Diode and Bridge

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Happy New year!!

Dear valued customer, Kingtronics team wish you and your family healthy and prosperous throughout the new year 2020. We will keep improving better service to follow up your company business.

If you have any inquiry or suggestion, welcome feel free to contact us. Wish we can grow up business together and have an abundant harvest year. ^-^

Kindly please remind our factory will begin Chinese new year holidays at the middle of January, at least 2 weeks. Our production line are very tight and kindly remind that our factory will begin two weeks Chinese New Year holidays at the middle of January. Therefore, don’ be hesitate to send us any inquiry and advise forecast earlier, so that we can prepare and proceed your case.

Are you looking for a competitive product as a great beginning of 2020?

Diode and Bridge would be a good option, Following Diode and Bridge Rectifier could be used in lighting production, Kingtronics always maintain the high quality, excellent price and efficient lead time.

Welcome share your inquiry with us for further best quotation.
Kingtronics P/N Package Packing Spq
SMAJ18A SMA T&R 5kpcs/Reel
SMBJ18A SMB T&R 3kpcs/Reel
ER2DA SMA T&R 5kpcs/Reel
ES2G SMB T&R 3kpcs/Reel
ES3J SMB T&R 3kpcs/Reel
S1M SMA T&R 5kpcs/Reel
ES1J SMA T&R 5kpcs/Reel
GS1M SMA T&R 5kpcs/Reel
1N4007 DO-41 Ammo/ Bulk 5kpcs/ Ammo
1N4148WS SOD-323 T&R 3kpcs/Reel
FR107 DO-41 Ammo/ Bulk 5kpcs/ Ammo
BAS21  SOT-23 T&R 3kpcs/Reel
BAV99 SOT-23 T&R 3kpcs/Reel
BC817-40 SOT-23 T&R 3kpcs/Reel
BC847A SOT-23 T&R 3kpcs/Reel
Bridge Rectifier      
AB10S ABS T&R 5kpcs/reel
DB107S DBS T&R 5kpcs/reel
MB10S MBS T&R 3kpcs/Reel
MB10F MBF T&R 5kpcs/reel