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Diode Rectifier M7

  • Diode Rectifier M7 (SMD 4001-4007)(PDF: 155KB) ↓ Download
  • Kingtronics produce and sell diode rectifier M7 for many years. Our quality is approved by many famous customers. Diode rectifier M7 prices are quite competitive in the market. Technically speaking, diode rectifier M7 can replace diode rectifier M1, diode rectifier M2, diode rectifier M3, diode rectifier M4, diode rectifier M5 and diode rectifier M6.

    Reverse voltage 50 to 1000 Volts; forward current -1.0 Ampere
    The plastic package carries Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0
    For surface mounted applications
    Low reverse leakage
    Built-in strain relief, ideal for automated placement
    High forward surge current capability
    High temperature soldering guaranteed: 250℃/10 seconds at terminals
    DO214AC package, open junction