Kingtronics Launches Wirewound Trimming Potentiometers

Kingtronics International Company —-Inspired by Innovation

Dear Designers and Engineers,

Kingtronics is pleased to announce the launch of our new Wirewound Trimming Potentiometers! This exciting addition to our product line includes the following series:

  • RKT-534
  • RKT-7286
  • RKT-WIW22S
  • RKT-WX118
  • RKT-WXD3-12
  • RKT-WXD3-13
  • RKT-WXD3-13S (Lock type)


  • Wide Angle Coverage: Our potentiometers provide comprehensive angle coverage, ensuring precise adjustments and control.
  • High Precision with Excellent Linearity and Resistance Tolerances: Engineered for accuracy, these potentiometers deliver high precision, exceptional linearity, and consistent resistance tolerances.
  • High Power Capability with Low Resistance Values: Designed to handle high power, our potentiometers also offer low resistance values, making them suitable for various demanding applications.


Our Wirewound Trimming Potentiometers are versatile and ideal for use in:

  • Industrial Automation: Enhance automation systems with precise control and reliability.
  • Mobile Machinery: Ensure efficient operation and control in mobile machinery.
  • Medical Devices: Achieve high precision and reliability in medical equipment.
  • Control Panels: Optimize control panels with accurate adjustments and high performance.
  • Robotics: Improve the accuracy and performance of robotic systems.

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